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Jacksonville Electrology, Laser and SkinCare Academy has maintained a long-standing vision of education excellence. We are committed to identifying and meeting the educational, training, and career needs of students in the Jacksonville, Florida and Northeast Florida areas. Our mission is to train students into highly skilled, productive and knowledgeable technicians in the fields of Electrology, Laser and Facial Specialist. The academy provides students with the theory, practical hands on training, skills, experience and knowledge to enter or re-enter the aesthetics industry and become a licensed professional within the state of Florida. 

At our Academy, we believe that any person is capable of achieving greatness within the aesthetics industry. We maintain core values of excellence, integrity, accountability, and value. 

We envision a learning center:
1. Where teaching, learning and all other activities are student centered.
2. That offers a comprehensive range of quality programs to prepare students for employment into high demand careers.
3. That is a diverse community where achievement occurs without boundaries.
4. Where students are able to start their own aesthetic businesses, be in high demand for employment into Med Spa's, Dermatology offices, and Plastic Surgery offices. 

How to Apply:

Book an in-person tour to meet the staff and current students (you must be at least 18 years of age and present a valid photo ID or driver’s license to book a tour).

If you'd like to apply, you will need to submit a valid copy of your high school diploma, transcript and/or GED as well as:
A letter of recommendation
A personal statement describing your interest in the Academy and your career goals.

After you submit your official application, the Academy will make a decision as to whether or not acceptance is granted.

Working Hours


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